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Having soft smooth skin does not happen on it’s own but only with daily care and commitment. Using the right products formulated for your individual skin is half the battle. The other half is making sure your cosmetics are made with quality ingredients that don’t damage your skins cellular structure over time.

That’s where LimeLight comes in. There light of chemical free products use natural ingredients to make your face radiant.

Try a free sample for yourself if you’re still not convinced. Fill out your details on the provided google doc. Answer a few key question to help them determine the best samples to send you for your skin type.

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Are you a fan of chai tea lattes? Try out Bondi Chai! Winner of numerous awards, this drink has been called the gold standard of Chai latte.

Named one of the healthiest milk drinks, Bondi Chai is a favorite throughout Australia. It is a combination of black tea extracts, the perfect mix of ‘comfort spices’ with milk and honey. 95% of the ingredients are sourced in Australia.

Try a sample for yourself when you go to their homepage. call or email for a free sample to be sent to you. Hurry as this offer is only available while supplies last!


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