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Do you ever get a little overwhelmed by all your financial responsibilities? Do you ever worry about forgetting bills or not having all the money to cover them when the time comes? Wouldn’t it be great to keep track of all your expenses in one place and be able to budget accordingly?

With the Pocketbook app, now you can! This app even gives you the option of synchronizing to Australian banks to eliminate manual expense entry. Pick out your bank from the list and start seeing an overview of your finances laid out on your device.

Track your household spending and use geo-tracking to record individual receipts of purchase. Keep all your bills in one place and get notifications when they are coming up to make sure you have the money available.

The Pocketbook App puts you back in control of your finances.



Have you been looking for some motivation in your exercise routine? What about a clean and inviting interfaced app that encourages you to reach your potential?

Check out Sworkit from Nexercise. This app goes with you on any device; iPhone, iPad, Android and web.

Sworkit is like your own personal trainer with short videos tailored to help you meet your goals.

Squeeze in a workout in just a few minutes here and there. The video instructions give you audio cues to make it easy to follow along.

Choose the area you want to target and pick from a variety of exercises. Build your own workout.

All this for free!


Is it one of your goals this year to become more organized? Maybe you haven’t reached the level you’re hoping for and you’re feeling a little discouraged and overwhelmed.

There is hope! Check out Wunderlist, the list app that is almost guaranteed to help you organize your life and increase productivity.

Wunderlist is a todo list and task manager that allows you to share between family members or friends to pull your resources into getting things done!

Whether it’s a grocery list, a vacation to be planned or a simple project, Wunderlist helps by syncing your devices to access tasks from anywhere.

Wunderlist is a free app. You can upgrade to the Pro version for business’s for $4.99 a month but the free app is actually quite helpful in itself.

Look it up if you need help being more productive.


If you’ve stepped out your front door at all in the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed groups of people walking around in strange patterns while staring at their phone screens. The Pokémon Go trend is sweeping the world.

But actually there are tons of other gaming apps if you’re looking to diversify. Ingress is another game that uses augmented reality.

Walk out your front door and see the battlefield around you. Strategize and form alliances to further your cause. The world is the playing field in the fight for humanity against a mysterious energy.

Available to play on Android and iOS, Ingress is FREE with in app purchases.

360 security

Now, Android phone owners have the ability to secure their digital lives!

Do you have an Android phone? Then we have just the thing for you! Now you can get the 360 Security-Antivirus for free! The combination of security and speed boosting is what has made 200 million users download and protect themselves from malware, viruse and other vulnerabilities.

With the 360 Security – Antivirus app, not only do you get security but many other benefits:

-Unnecessary background processes are prevented and data deleted to save valuable energy and keep your mobile phone at top function.

-It protects from anti-viruses with a 99.7% success rate and has been ranked No. 1 by leading independent antivirus experts.

-A Privacy & App Lock helps to protect important documents, SMS, photo albums and apps.

-Anti-theft protection helps in case of loss of your mobile phone to remotely locate, delete data, block, and alarm.

Are you tired of having to move data off of you phone to save memory space? Then what are you waiting for? With just one click, download this free security app for your Android to optimize and protect your mobile phone.

Are you looking for a high energy, modern warfare game to hold your attention? Mobile Strike is a free game app for iPhones and iPads that allows you to wage a strategical war against your opponents. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the starring front man, but you can take the action all on your own!

With Mobile Strike, you are able to customize your base depending on your offensive or defensive tactics. Build your arsenal with innovative weapons and vehicles. Fight on the battlefield to gather items and experience you need later.  Train your troops in order to level up and gain the upper hand. Strategize using 16 different troop types that make up 4 military levels. Connect with millions of players from around the world and make alliances against your enemies to become Head of State.

Try out Mobile Strike for free; meet new people, strategize and dominate today!

hungry jacks

You want some fries with that burger? The next time you go to grab a quick bite to eat at Hungry Jack’s make sure you have the Hungry Jack’s Shake & Win App installed to cash in on free food. Just check in, shake your phone and you are sure to win! This app offers you free food and drinks along with discounts and buy one get one deals.

All you need is a Facebook account to check-in and the app on your device. Download today and get started winning and eating!


Did you know that 66% of people setting New Years Resolutions include fitness in their goals?  Yet one in three will give up their resolutions by the end of January. Do you need motivation to jump start your fitness goals? Nike has designed a free app to help you out.

Nike + Training Club is like having your own personal trainer at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need. You can choose from over 100 workouts that are designed by Nike master trainers and based on your own goals. This app tracks your progress and pushes you to achieve more. It connects you with friends for accountability and motivation as you work together to get fit.

Get started on your fitness goals today!

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