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Finding good movies online is the most popular topic on It’s seems you movie buffs out there just can’t get enough.

Our experience is it’s much more common to stream than to download movies but there is a couple of places that allow you to do so. And the files are reasonable quality.

You’re more likely to pick up the odd movie classic and indy film feature than a mainstream blockbuster but there’s still plenty of interesting material to make the effort worthwhile.

Here’s our list.

Moving Image Archive

Moving Image archive is a truly amazing resource with over 6000 movies, many of them classics, available and easy to download for free on your device.

If you are a movie fan this is the place for you. Sci Fi, Comedy and much more.


free movies online

The Internet Archive is a 20-year-old nonprofit organisation “founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.”

Classic Cinema Online

Classic movies remain popular, even under the new generation. Some great movies from the past are there and accessible.

Sony Crackle

Sony have come to the free movie market rather late but Sony Crackle has an impressive collection of movies across a range of platforms.

It’s for sure sophisticated platform too. You can login to your account on whichever device you are watching on. Either from your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

You can receive alerts if you’re keen on hearing when a certain title or series is going to screen so you don’t miss anything.

You Tube Free Movies

There is a bewildering range of movies legally available on You Tube. The most important thing to know is the correct title of the movie.

Finding movies on You Tube can be an interesting sometimes frustrating experience. The copyright grey area often closes sites down. But the experience is that when one site closes another quickly appears.


Vimeo is the preferred home of many modern film makers and many chose to put their work here online for public display.

free movies online

There’s complete films and documentaries on the site. If you don’t want to guess what to try take a look at the ‘Staff Choices’. They are often astute.

Movies Found Online

Movies found online is a source of independent movies, documentaries and short films, animations, stand up comedy, series and shows. A great range of contemporary material.

free movies online

They say their collection of streaming videos is hand picked.

I checked out a couple of categories. I like their 1970s section for 1970s movies and some of their public domain material. It’s amazing what’s out there for free.

The industry giants Netflix, Foxtel, and Stan offer free one month trials before their subscription kicks in. There’s a world of free movies there. But beware you have to give up your credit card details before signing on but the days of lock in contracts for extended periods are numbered. You can cancel anytime.

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