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If you love ice cream, you can probably appreciate Ben & Jerry’s and their amazing combinations. Well, they want to show you they appreciate you too with this fun offer.

April 4th from 12-8 PM is Free Cone Day.

If you want to make your free cone count toward making a difference in the word, check out some of the flavours that partner with companies offers jobs to those less fortunate, are fair trade, are humane towards animals and support a variety of other causes.

Don’t miss out! Mark you calendars and bring a friend to share this opportunity. Check out the link to find a shop near you.


Do you love going to the cinema to see the newest releases? Why not sign up for Hoyt’s rewards and get some great additional offers?

The price of a rewards membership is that of a regular movie ticket. In return, you’ll get a free ticket (so your money back) plus access to tons of other incentives.

You’ll get regular discounts for the movie of the week and pre-sales of select blockbusters. With each scoop of Ben and Jerry’s you purchase at a cinema, you’ll get an additional one free!

This is only the beginning. You’ll also be put in the running to win $100 movie gift cards and earn points with each purchase to be redeemed for real tickets and candy.

If you’re going to the movies anyway, you might as well sign up and get more for your money!

Don’t miss out on this amazing rewards program. Join now and save money!


Over the years Ben & Jerry’s has come up with some pretty spectacular flavors of ice cream that have placed them at the head of their game.

And now, they’ve done it again! This newest selection, has your favorite flavors surrounding a ‘core’ of delicious, making for the perfect combination.

Brownie Batter CoreCookies & Cream Cheesecake Core, and Coconuts for Caramel Core will have you begging for more.

But now, you don’t have too! Because when you register, you could become a tester. That means you will receive two of each flavor to try for yourself at no cost! That’s 3KG’s of ice cream that you can pick up at a local Coles or Woolworths.

Enter before December 15, 2017 for free Ben&Jerry’s ice cream!


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