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Are you a coffee fanatic? Are you one of those people that when they need their coffee they need it right now? Then try out the Senseo coffee brewing machine from Philips.

Product testers are giving away 34 free Senseo Switch’s worth $200 to some lucky winners. If picked you will get to keep your coffee machine after your review.

Just answer the simple qualifying questions and fill out the form with your information to enter.

Entry closes December 15, 2017 but make sure you don’t miss out by registering today!

Wouldn’t it be great to get one of these coffee machines for free!



Do you love coffee? How about the rich flavour-filled taste of espresso in an instant? You can get both with a Nespresso machine.

Better yet, why not test a machine and keep it for free? All you need to do is answer a few qualifying questions and register with your name and email.

If you are selected, you could be the owner of your very own Nespresso Machine!

No more gross or weak coffee from the convenience store. When you have a Nespresso, every cup is like a special treat!

Don’t miss out! Sign up before December 15, 2017 to take advantage of this amazing deal!

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Test and keep a Senseo coffee machine

Free Senseo coffee machine!
Want to know more? - Win a Senseo switch