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Do your laundry with Omo detergent and see the difference!

Just pick between Ultra and Mighty Pods. Indicate how many times you do laundry each week. Determine your laundry habits as in if you separate whites and colors. Tell whether you use powder, liquid or tabs and how satisfied you are with your current detergent.

Once you finish the qualifying questions, you’ll be in the running to become a tester of Mo’s new biological tabs.

Don’t miss this chance to do your laundry for free! Sign up today to become an Omo tester.


Get your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean with Persil laundry detergent!

Whether you use, powder, liquid, or tabs, Persil beats the competition hands down.

Try it for yourself when you sign up to be a tester with TestLabs Australia. Answer the survey to begin and fill in your details to be considered as a tester.

If you are chosen, you will receive $150 worth of Persil products to try own your own laundry. That’s over 200 loads of laundry.

Countless testers have been more than satisfied with their tested results and you could be too!

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CANESTEN laundry rinse

When cold and flu season approaches, germs just seem to be unavoidable! Even when you wash all the clothes and sheets, bacteria still lingers. Cross-contamination of laundry between healthy and unhealthy house members can mean extended sick time and the bug is passed back and forth.

Now you can use Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse. It helps to break the cycle by getting rid of lingering fungal spores and bacteria. Add it to your wash load of towels, sheets and personal items and keep your laundry hygienically clean!

You can try it out for free! Just fill in your details to request a sample from Bayer.

Get Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse and keep your family safe from infection!

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