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Dental health is so important, and that goes for your pets too! That’s why VitaPet has created the Dental+ Chew Sticks to assist with your dog’s daily tooth care.

These treat are specially shaped to help reduce tarter build up in those hard to reach areas of a dogs mouth. They are full of healthy ingredients and have a mint core better breath.

These treats are available in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Now, you can have your furry friend try a free sample for themselves! Just fill in the form and your Dental+ should be on it’s way to your front door!


Giving your pet the best is obviously something we all want, but picking through all the junk to find the best is not always so easy. That’s why Ivory Coat has created a naturally healthy pet food for dogs and cats.

Ivory Coat is Australian made and owned pet food. This food is hypoallergenic and grain free to make it accessible to all kinds of pets. These gourmet meats are combined to fit your furry friend nutritional needs.

Try a sample for yourself if you’re still not sure. Just pick whether you’d like a sample for a dog or cat and under or over a year. Fill in the address you’d like your sample sent to and your on your way!


Black Hawk pet food is a tasty and healthy meal for your favorite, animal friend. With a long standing history of  being pet care experts, the Black Hawk brand from Masterpet is the place to turn if you want the best in food, treats, health care, training, housing and accessories.

Now, they are offering a sample of cat or dog food when you fill out their form. Just choose from 11 selections for puppy, adult dog or cat and have it sent to you for FREE!

See if your furry friend loves Black Hawk food as much as we think they will!

Order your free sample today!



If you have a pet, you know they can be like family. Of course you want only the best for them. PetFare believes that they have the right product for your cat or dog. They are so confident your animal will love PetFare dry food, they are offering a trial pack of their product for free.

This pack includes a full range of their nutritious product samples. PetFare food is like a treat for your animals as well as being filled with all the daily nutrients your cat or dog needs.

Just fill in your mailing details and get your trial pack. Start pampering your pets today!

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