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Cotton:On is a trendy clothes store with great prices to help keep you in the latest fashions. But wouldn’t it be even better to get their clothes for free?

Now you can when you win a $500 gift card. Just answer a few questions about your local Cotton:On and get in the running.

How often do you shop there? Which department would you like to improve most? What kind of improvements are you thinking of? Rate the customer service on a scale of 1-5, etc.

Then just fill in your details and wait to see if you are selected. It’s that easy!

Enter for the chance at $500 to Cotton:On today!


What’s better than a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning? How about one that brews in seconds without being harmful to the environment?

In this era of everything fast and disposable, we sometimes do more damage to the environment than intended. But others are finding ways to combine the two worlds of efficiency and eco-friendlyness.

Black Mamba is one of those companies. They are launching a coffee pod that is biodegradable, which means it doesn’t have a lasting negative impact on the environment.

They are offering to send you a free sample to try for yourself. Just fill in your shipping details.

On top that, you’ll also automatically get in the running to win a years supply of coffee pods.


Having a fresh brewed, single serve coffee in just seconds in a luxury we often take for granted. The downside is that all those disposable pods are collecting in no compostable heaps creating a big downer for the environment.

But now you can have both the luxury of time efficiency and be eco friendly with the Purpod 100. These pods are certified %100 compostable and filled with Juan Valdez coffee.

Now you can get a years supply for free! Just enter with your name, address and email and you could try out this trend for yourself!

Sign up today and win!


Finding the perfect pair of leggings is difficult. Between thickness, comfort, coverage, and style, you have a lot of bases to cover.

That’s why there’s the Girlfriend Collective. This eco friendly, recycled fabric product is created over time to fit you perfectly. They are so confident that you’ll love them and pass the message along that they are giving the leggings away with just the cost of shipping.

After the initial launch, these leggings will be sold for $70 so you really are getting a great deal now! Just sign up with your email and contact details. You’ll be asked to share on Facebook but it’s not mandatory to receive the leggings. Although, after you’ve tried them out, you might be raving on social media just because you want to!


Little Shoppers Affordable Eco Baby Store is committed to helping you protect the environment with your purchases by removing the high price tag. Their long list of products are often conveniently bundled to save you even more on nappies, wipes and other baby essentials.

Now, when you email them your feedback you can get a free eco lunch box with your next purchase!

Having a insulated, reusable bag to pack your bottles and baby food in will save you time searching, keep your meals together and at the proper temperature and is just more ecological then using a new bag every day.

Make sure you type free lunch box in the comments section at checkout.

Enjoy this free incentive lunch box from Little Shoppers and keep your eye out for other free products!

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