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Are you looking for a cosmetic to add a little flair to your usual look? What about an eye shadow to give you a little more of a dramatic over natural feel?

Check out ColorShow eye shadow from Maybelline!

These intense colors are made with an ultra-soft formula that goes on like silk. Pick from any of the shades in this collection to suit your skin tone and mood.

Test and keep a Maybelline ColorShow eye shadow for yourself when you sign up to become a tester with Toluna.  You could be one of 500 people selected to try it for yourself.

Make sure you sign up before May 15th to get in on this great offer!


Take care of your eyes!

Making sure you have proper nutrition for your eyes is really important. But when you already have difficulties with your eyes taking supplements is the extra boost.

That’s where MacuShield comes in. Their top 4 products are formulated to protect your eyes with healthy supplements. They hope to maintain your healthy eye sight and prevent damage from inner and outer issues.

Try it yourself for 6 days free! Simply fill out your information and get a sample pack shipped directly to you.

Don’t let your eye health go by the way side. take control with MacuShield


If you’ve been searching for the right product to make your eyes pop, this is your solution. Revlon Liquid Shadow is your answer.

Unlike so many powder eye shadows this doesn’t get cakey and crease, this liquid goes on smooth and stays strong all day long. Just shake it up and apply.

It can be worn alone or add a little drama by mixing in metals.

Test and keep a bottle for yourself when you sign up with Toluna. Register for the first time or sign in and select this product. You could be one of 40 people selected to test! This offer is only available until April 4th so make sure you don’t miss out!

Magnetize your eyes and add a little glamour to your look with Revlon Liquid Shadow


Get your best look without spending more money!

Wouldn’t it be great to get makeup for free? Now you can! When you become a tester for Toluna, you get a chance each week to be selected to test and keep full sized products for free!

Now through December 26th, you could be one of 100 people chosen to try out a Nivea Pure & Natural Eye Shadow.

Ophthalmologist approved, this eye shadow is not only 95% naturally derived but is also 100% free of preservatives, talc and fragrance.

Don’t wait. Get yours today and check back each week for more amazing offers!



Looking good is hard work these days when makeup is so expensive! So if you could get good quality eye shadow for free wouldn’t you do it?

Now you can, when you sign up at Toluna. You could be one of 100 people to get a L’Oreal eye shadow to test and keep for yourself. All you have to do is leave a review after you’ve tried it out. This offer is only available until December 19th so check it out today!

When you sign up for Toluna you’ll also be given the opportunity to test new products each week.

Don’t miss out on this excellent offer!


Do you love M.A.C. makeup but not so much the price tag that comes with it? How would you like to test the 2017 collection for free and keep the product when you’ve reviewed it?

Now, you can test the M.A.C. 2017 collection of eye and lip cosmetics and keep them afterward without paying a cent.

Play the mini quiz and answer 5 simple questions. Then, apply to be a tester and get sent free products!

This offer won’t last forever so sign up while you have the opportunity!


When you find the perfect mascara, you never want to let it go. But finding that product takes a lot of effort and expense testing different brands.

Why not make life a little easier and check out this Gemey Mascara Volume Express for free?

This French line from Maybelline guarantees you bigger and more expressive eyes by adding volume.

Sign up with Toluna completely free and you could be one of 300 people selected to test and keep this product.

This offer is only available until to December 12th.

Check it out and get your free Gemey mascara today!



Are you one who spends time every day trying to get the perfect look? If so, Gemey Mascara Volume Express might be the right product for you!

Gemey is a French line from Maybelline, and is guaranteed to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. This formula adds volume for a more intense and profound impact.

And why pay for it when you could get it for free? Toluna is giving out 100 mascaras and one of them could be yours!

First log into Toluna, which is a completely free website for your chance to be selected.

This offer is available until October 31, so apply to test it now!



Are you looking for a way to make your eyes really stand out? Whether you want dramatic or just naturally looking long lashes, Milashes has your solution.

Milashes has an array of artificial eyelashes to suit whatever your need in size, length and color.

If you’ve never tried flash lashes and want to see what it’s all about or if you are looking to try something different, now is your opportunity. Milashes is giving away two free samples of artificial lashes to everyone that asks!

Just fill in your details on their webpage to request a sample.

Try it out today!

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