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Kellogg’s breakfast cereal has always been the best way to start your morning. And now they have made it even better! Get a fitness tracker for free when you buy 3 boxes of cereal.

The Kellogg’s Fitness Tracker is a device you can wear to measure your steps, minutes active and distance traveled.

Kellogg’s is committed to encouraging you to pursue health and fitness. Make a commitment to being more aware of your health and physical fitness with this tracker.

Details and a list of the accepted cereals in this promotion are on the site.  Check this offer out soon as it is finished October 31!


With technology today it’s easy enough to keep track of our fitness. From tracking our steps and movements to calculating how much further we need to go to reach our goal, the Moov Now is designed to help you reach your fitness potential.

This device not only monitors activities like running, biking, swimming and boxing, but also functions in day to day activities.

The Moov Now’s design is pretty streamline with 3 sensors that pick up on your movement and then coach you with useful tips and specific plans to improve based on your ability and end goal.

It can also be used as a sleep tracker, monitoring movement and rest time.

Now you can get one for free by signing up as a reviewer and answering a few survey questions. If you are selected, your Moov Now will be sent per mail for you to test and keep. Just send your review back and it will be published in the Review Room.

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