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Between beauty and personal supplies the costs can add up quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have free hair products for a whole year?

You could have the opportunity to test out hair products from Elviva for free for one year!

Elviva has products for all types of hair. Just pick between Nutri Gloss for shine, Full Restore 5 for damage, Fibrology for thickness, Extraordinary Oil for nourishment, and Colour Protect for coloured hair.

Find the one that’s suited for you and select it. Fill in your details and enter to test Elviva products.

Find your perfect Elviva product now!


Weak. Brittle. Fragile. Breakable. Are these words that you’d use to describe your hair? Do you ever wish your hair was thicker or more full? There is hope!

Try Monat hair care products that are formulated with natural ingredients that moisturize and renew your hair after just a few uses.

Used together, these products will revitalize your hair in 90 days but you’ll be able to see a definite difference in just 3 weeks.

There are different Monat products for every hair type and if you’re not sure what will suit you, talk with a consultant or get a free sample.


Test and keep Edita Piaff Accessories from Toluna!

Register or log in with your Toluna account. Go to Test Products under the Community tab and select the Edita Piaff Accessories to apply.

If you are selected you’ll get an email confirmation and receive your products in a few weeks!

You could be one of 995 people selected to test the products, review and keep them. This offer is only available until February 27th so sign up now!

Come back to Toluna weekly to check out their new products and opportunities to test for yourself.


Do you ever find you arm getting tired from drying your hair? Does the process seem to take forever and still not leave you with the results you were looking for?

Check out the new Dyson Supersonic!

Dyson has changed the game with this hairdryer. They’ve changed the balance, weight and shape by putting the motor in the handle.

Four buttons give you the precise heat and speed settings to accommodate your specific hair.

The attachments are magnetic for fast adjustment.

And the high velocity airflow allows you to dry your hair quickly without damaging it.

And now you could get this $399 product for free! Just sign up as a tester at GetTestKeep and one of these Supersonic hairdryers could be yours!

Sign up today!


Do you use hair gel on a regular basis? Have you ever heard of Shwarzkopt Taft’s V12 Power Gel?

This gel combines the fastest drying formula with the highest performance to be the most powerful Taft gel ever!

In just a few seconds you can style your hair to the limit and trust that it stays in place.

Would you like to try it for free? You could be a candidate to test this product from Toluna. This offer is only available until August 15 so don’t wait.

Try Shwarzkopt Taft’s V12 Power Gel now and be prepared to be amazed!

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is revolutionizing the drying process. With a unique airflow system that directs the high velocity air to where you want, drying no longer has to take a long time. This light weight and balanced machine prevents heat damage and protects your hairs natural shine.

While the $699 price tag might turn you away, now you could get yours to test and keep for FREE!

Sign up at by answering the survey questions and telling why you’d be a good reviewer. If you are selected, the Dyson Supersonic will be sent for you to test.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! It’s worth it!

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