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The iPhone is the symbol of this era that we live in. It’s everything you need wrapped in a pretty case.

The iPhone 7 takes it just one step further to tweak and perfect the design just a step further.

The new camera features not one but two lenses that work together to suit every photo taking need. The display is the brightest and most colorful to date. The chip is said to most the powerful at 2 times faster than the iPhone6 and with the longest battery life ever. The speakers are positioned at either end of the phone giving it stereo sound. And with AirPods, headphones will never be the same again.

Stand a chance to win either the iPhone7 or the Iphone7 Plus when you enter.

Just fill in your details and get in the running. This contest closes December 15th.


Wouldn’t it be great to get the most popular and sought after phone in the world without dropping a dime? Now the possibility is yours!

Join Pureprofile in the month of October and give yourself multiple opportunities to win an iPhone 7.

Create your profile in less than a minute. Each day in October there will be a special activity listed at the bottom of your feed where you can enter to win. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the activity to cash in on this chance. Each day you are active, increases your chance of winning.

Make your chances even higher by checking out the answers on Facebook and Instagram.

Pureprofile give you paid opportunities just by reading, asking questions and playing in competitions geared toward your interests.

 There’s still time to get in on this awesome deal! Don’t miss out!


The latest iPhone 6S has now been in the store for a few months now. Are you interested, but can’t justify the high price tag? Than keep reading.

If it’s possible, this iPhone is even more impressive than those before!

The iPhone 6S is touch sensitive with a 3D Touch screen. It has a faster processor.

The camera is much improved with a better sensor, more megapixels and a retina screen for the self facing camera.

You can have a top of the line phone without shelling out the $749!

Just fill in your details with and pay $1 for a 2 day trial subscription. Cancel at any time. Winners are picked out of every 600 active members. Jubiify is an online portal for skills games that allow you to win prizes.

As a new member, you will also receive a $20 gift card to JB Hi-Fi.

Sign in today and win a iPhone 6S plus a $20 gift card!


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