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With so many lip products on the market, sometimes it’s tough to know what is going to work best for you.

But Bourjois’ 3D effect lip gloss has stood the test of time. They’re celebrating their 10 years anniversary by updating their look. It’s the same great formula, just with a few new shades and fresh packaging.

Bourjois lip gloss hydrates for 8 hours. It has a 3D volume for extra glossy shine. It comes with a brush applicator for precision.

Try it for yourself for free when you sign up with Toluna. Just pick the product you’d like to test and if you are one of the 400 people selected, a full sized product will be sent to your door to test and keep for yourself. Just leave your opinion.

This offer is only good until the 3rd of April, so check it out today!


Chapped and sore lips are no joke, but often medicated lip balms don’t make you feel all that glamorous.

But with Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, all that has changed. Now, you can sooth your sore lips and have them looking refreshed in just 60 seconds with this tinted balm.

Moisture is sealed in for a full 12 hours although with the feel of icy menthol and eucalyptus, we’re sure you’ll want to reapply.

In one minute your lips will feel soothed, in one day they will look smoother and in one week they will be renewed!

Now you can get a Baby Lips Dr. Rescue to try for yourself from Toluna. Just register or sign in by February 20, 2017. You could be one of 450 people selected to test and keep one for yourself.

Check it out today!


Whether its cold and windy or hot and sunny, the weather can have a big affect on your lip’s health. When they lose moisture, they dry out and crack, leaving them vulnerable to the environment around them. It’s not a pleasant experience.

That’s why Carmex is so handy. You can keep a small tube of this original formula lip balm anywhere. And when the occasion arises, just whip it out and apply liberally.

Carmex keeps the moisture in, for healthy looking and feeling lips.

Test and keep Carmex for yourself when you sign up with Trybe. This is a place for you to voice you true opinion about products while getting them for FREE!

Check it out today and be on the look out for more amazing offers.


If you’ve been searching for the perfect lip gloss, look no further!

Bourjois Lip Gloss has a unique formula that is enriched with pH reactive pigments to self-adjust to suit your skin tone. What you see is a clear gloss until it is applied to your lips. And then voila!

This gloss give you shine and adds a volume to your lips without being sticky. Bourjois keeps your lips hydrated for 8 hours!

On top of all that, it also has antioxidants to keep your lips healthy, protected and moisturized.

This new take on a go to product now has 15 shaded to choose from to tone down or pump up your look.

Sign up with Toluna today and select the Bourjois Gloss to test and keep for yourself. This product is available to 40 people and the offer expires November 7th, so hurry!



Nivea is the essence of taking care of your skin. So what better company to choose a lipstick from then one whose mission is to protect and nourish your lips.

Nivea Lipstick is available in many seasonal colors to give you a more dramatic look or just add a little shine to your natural beauty.

These lipsticks enriched with hydrating vitamins and oils instead of packing on color to already dull and dry skin.

Now you can test and keep a Nivea lipstick from Toluna when you sign up before October 17th.

Whether your a regular wearer of lipstick and looking for something fresh or you are new to lip care, you have nothing to lose! Try it out today!


When you have problems with dried out lips, what products do you turn to? Labello Lip Butter may be your solution.

Made with Shea Butter and Almond Oil, Labello Lip Butter helps to moisturise and relieves your dry lips and locks in for lasting protection.

This is a three in one product that soothes, hydrates and leaves your lips with a glossy shine. What more could you ask for?

If you’d like to test this lip butter for free, sign up before July 18th with Toluna. You could be selected from 100 people to try it for free!

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