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If you’ve been waiting to try out Jamberry’s nail wraps, now is your opportunity!

Make your nails ready with designs and prints for every occasion.

Jamberry has been around for a few years now but if you’ve never taken the time to try how simple they really work, you can order a sample for free from Deborah Sessions, an Independent Jamberry Consultant.

Try out how easy they are to apply and how long the last. Then compare the price to getting your nails done in a salon! No doubt that you’ll be happy with the results.

Try your free Jamberry sample today.


Take your nail game to a new level with So laque Ultra Shine from Bourjois!

This nail lacquer give you twice as much shine with its reflective resins and special compounds that will last   for at least 7 days.

The range of colors are pure color, smooth and shine with no need for added sparkles or shimmer.

Test and keep a bottle for yourself when you sign up with Toluna. Just register and pick your product for the chance to review it yourself. If selected, it will be sent to your door.

This offer ends May 1st so don’t wait! You could be one of 400 people selected to test this Bourjois Nail Lacquer.



Getting a pedicure is a nice treat but we don’t always have the money or even the time for such a treat. That’s why there’s Essie nail lacquer. Essie gives you opportunity to have professional looking nails for a fraction of the cost (and time)

Essie is considered the color authority with their fashion- forward, trending colors. All their lacquers are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free while still offering durability in a chip resistant formula.

Now, you can try an Essie nail lacquer for yourself when you sign up with Toluna. Just check it out before February 20th and you could be one of 65 people selected to test and keep and bottle for yourself.

If you’re selected, an Essie nail lacquer will be sent directly to your home. All you have to do is try it out and send in your honest opinion.

Check it out today!


When it comes to nails, OPI is the most asked for product in the industry. Their wide selection of shades, textures and special effects makes them the go-to brand. OPI ranges from elegant to dramatics, subtle and classy to stand out attention grabbing.

And now, you can scoop of a bottle for free when you sign up for Toluna! Sign up and you could be selected as one of 100 people to test and keep an OPI nail lacquer. Just leave your review on the site when you’re finished and keep checked each week for new offers you’d be interested in.

Sign up to get your free bottle today!


Finding a nail polish remover that works fast without leaving your nails dried and brittle can be difficult. But here is an opportunity to try one from Maybellines trusted brand without paying any money.

Register with Toluna today for your chance to get a free nail polish solvent from Maybelline.

Sign up and confirm your details. You could be one of 720 people elected to test this product! If so, if will be sent to you within a few weeks. You just test the solvent, give a little review and it’s yours to keep!

This offer is only available thru November 7th so check in fast!


Why pay for an expensive mani/pedi when you can make your nails look amazing at a fraction of the cost?

When it comes to nail polish, Essie is the ultimate color authority. They offer every shade you can think of and stay at the front of fashion. Essie’s formula is made for durability and is resistant to chipping.

If you’d like to see if Essie’s products really match up to their claims, now is you opportunity. You can be one of 540 people to get a free bottle of polish when you sign up to test at Toluna.

Make sure you stay chic with Essie nail colors!


It’s a proven fact that color affects out moods and attitudes about what happening around us. With that in mind, it makes sense that nail polish can change your outlook. Sometimes, painting your nails a fun color is all it takes to give you a little boost of confidence and turn your day around.

For a limited time, you could get to sample a bottle of Rimmel’s ‘I love lasting finish’ nail lacquer in a variety of cheerful colors. Sign up with Toluna before July 11th and you could be one of 480 people selected to test this product.

Beauty for free. Now that’s a deal!

Free Rimmel Nail Polish!

Offer Expired 01/03/2016 Free Products

Who has time these days to even put on nail polish? One coat, let it dry, and then the next. And if you do take the time, who has an extra half hour of waving your hands in the air to wait for it to dry? Rimmel has come up with your solution.

Their 60 Seconds Nail Polish promises just one stroke, one coat and one minute to dry. The new formula is chip resistant and dries quickly for a professional look while the specially designed Xpress brush covers your nail quicker without leaving clumps.

Now you can test this product for yourself without putting out the cost. Just sign up to be one of 500 picked to offer your feedback and get your free nail polish to keep!


Sorry, this offer is expired

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