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If you’ve stepped out your front door at all in the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed groups of people walking around in strange patterns while staring at their phone screens. The Pokémon Go trend is sweeping the world.

But actually there are tons of other gaming apps if you’re looking to diversify. Ingress is another game that uses augmented reality.

Walk out your front door and see the battlefield around you. Strategize and form alliances to further your cause. The world is the playing field in the fight for humanity against a mysterious energy.

Available to play on Android and iOS, Ingress is FREE with in app purchases.


Pokémon Go is the newest crazy sweeping the entire world. It’s a mixing of the old school Pokémon cards with the interactive aspect of new technology and apps.

How would you like to get a boost up in the Pokémon world with the new Pokémon Go Plus? This wearable Bluetooth device allows you to be constantly on your game and not miss any opportunity to play.

Preorders are already closed at most locations as they are sold out before the going on sale! But you can win 2 Pokémon Go Plus for you and a friend when you enter this contest. Answer a few simple questions to qualify. It’s that simple.

On top of the 2 devices, you will also receive 25,000 Pokécoins to spend on accessories to help you further your progress.

Gotta catch ’em all!


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