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Are you looking to get in shape and need that extra boost to push you to the top? Try these protein powders from Health Junkies.

They are made from premium quality, all natural products. And of top of that they come a wide range of delicious flavours.

Request a free sample by filling out the form. Just choose from Whey Protein Concentrate Sample, Perfect Protein for Her, Casein Protein Sample, or Whey Protein Isolate Sample. They choose your flavor from Chocolate, Cookies and Cream or Banana.

There are no fillers in these products, just what you need to be the best.

Get your free sample today!


Have you been looking for a protein powder that will help you lose weight while still maintaining your energy? Check out protein samples from Performance Health Distribution.

This weight loss powder is full of natural and raw ingredients as a super protein. It is designed to keep you functioning at top levels while helping you shed the pounds.

Order your samples of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla powder for FREE!

PHD is determined to provide you with the highest quality products so that you can build better heath from the bottom up.

Get in one this great deal today and see what PHD is all about!


BlackBelt Protein is the best of its kind throughout Australia. It has the highest available protein content per serving. Unlike other ‘mixes’ and ‘enhanced formulas’, Blackbelt is made of pure, high quality whey protein.

This protein has a high level of amino acids and includes Iceland Red Algae Minerals that have proven benefits to bones, teeth, joints and digestion. As a regular part of an athletes diet, BlackBelt gives both recovery benefits in the short term as well as health benefits over the long term.

This protein powder comes in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate mint crisp, chocolate honeycomb, apple and cinnamon, and raw.

Register online and get your free sample in the mail in 3-10 days.




If you’ve been looking for a protein supplement to support you on your road to health in weight management then look no further.

Clean Lean Protein from Nuzest is just what you need. With a low carb and fat content and high in protein, this powder will help you recover quicker and rebuild broken down muscle to get you in the shape you want.

This powder is 100% vegetable proteins and free from allergens.

CLP contains complete proteins to aid in energy and recovery.

It is easy to absorb and is one of the few alkaline products on the market.

Try it for free! Fill in your information on Nuzest’s form and have 2 sachets sent to you.

Living in this world today, everyone knows how important it is to take care of what we eat and the nutrients we put in our bodies. We need balance for our best health. But sometimes our eating habits don’t measure up to where they should be. That’s where Bulk Nutrients comes in.

Bulk Nutrients products are designed to supplement your diet where it is lacking. They offer many types of protein and a diverse selection of flavors to suit your needs. Now Bulk Nutrients is giving you the opportunity to test their product for free to see what works for you. Pick out your sample from over 35 options today!

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