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If you’ve been waiting to try out Jamberry’s nail wraps, now is your opportunity!

Make your nails ready with designs and prints for every occasion.

Jamberry has been around for a few years now but if you’ve never taken the time to try how simple they really work, you can order a sample for free from Deborah Sessions, an Independent Jamberry Consultant.

Try out how easy they are to apply and how long the last. Then compare the price to getting your nails done in a salon! No doubt that you’ll be happy with the results.

Try your free Jamberry sample today.


Are you a fan of chai tea lattes? Try out Bondi Chai! Winner of numerous awards, this drink has been called the gold standard of Chai latte.

Named one of the healthiest milk drinks, Bondi Chai is a favorite throughout Australia. It is a combination of black tea extracts, the perfect mix of ‘comfort spices’ with milk and honey. 95% of the ingredients are sourced in Australia.

Try a sample for yourself when you go to their homepage. call or email for a free sample to be sent to you. Hurry as this offer is only available while supplies last!


If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack that doesn’t skip out of taste, check out MAGGI Wholegrain 2 minute noodles!

Right now, you can get a sample for free. Just go to the Facebook page and sign up. Along with two free samples you’ll also get a free recipe booklet.

MAGGI has some great products out there with some classic flavorings but don’t miss out of this chance to try the Wholegrain version as well!

This offer is only available until April 3, 2017 so get in quick while you can!

Try out this yummy snack for free when you sing up today!



Weak. Brittle. Fragile. Breakable. Are these words that you’d use to describe your hair? Do you ever wish your hair was thicker or more full? There is hope!

Try Monat hair care products that are formulated with natural ingredients that moisturize and renew your hair after just a few uses.

Used together, these products will revitalize your hair in 90 days but you’ll be able to see a definite difference in just 3 weeks.

There are different Monat products for every hair type and if you’re not sure what will suit you, talk with a consultant or get a free sample.


Giving your pet the best is obviously something we all want, but picking through all the junk to find the best is not always so easy. That’s why Ivory Coat has created a naturally healthy pet food for dogs and cats.

Ivory Coat is Australian made and owned pet food. This food is hypoallergenic and grain free to make it accessible to all kinds of pets. These gourmet meats are combined to fit your furry friend nutritional needs.

Try a sample for yourself if you’re still not sure. Just pick whether you’d like a sample for a dog or cat and under or over a year. Fill in the address you’d like your sample sent to and your on your way!


If you’re a tea drinker, this is the deal for you! Vitatea & Co. is a company that produces healthy tea for healthy living.

They offer a variety of teas for every occasion with names like Revitalize Me Ginger, Immortal Infusion, Supplement Delight, Oolong Body Shaper and Detox Machine.

Vitatea won’t take shortcuts when it comes to getting you on track with your health and living life to the fullest. Their tea is 100% natural with countless benefits.

Try a free sample when you subscribe to their mailing list. That also gives you access to future discounts, news and special offers.

Check out Vitatea today!


There’s a reason why Nescafé is so popular. Their blends and coffees have been delighting customers for almost 80 years. Their introduction of instant coffee has made it accessible in a fast paced society.

If you are a lover of smooth coffee this offer is for you!

Nescafé is offering a free sample of their Blend 43 Smooth and Creamy. This medium roast coffee is both full flavoured and creamy.

Head over to their Facebook post. Click on the picture to access the registration page and fill in your shipping details.

Supplies are limited so don’t wait! Get your sample today!



BlackBelt Protein is the best of its kind throughout Australia. It has the highest available protein content per serving. Unlike other ‘mixes’ and ‘enhanced formulas’, Blackbelt is made of pure, high quality whey protein.

This protein has a high level of amino acids and includes Iceland Red Algae Minerals that have proven benefits to bones, teeth, joints and digestion. As a regular part of an athletes diet, BlackBelt gives both recovery benefits in the short term as well as health benefits over the long term.

This protein powder comes in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate mint crisp, chocolate honeycomb, apple and cinnamon, and raw.

Register online and get your free sample in the mail in 3-10 days.




If you are a beauty therapist, salon or even beauty student, try out a sample pack of Wax Strip Heaven.

These strips are made with quality. They don’t tear, fray or split. They remove more hair than the usual strip. They save time and money and leave you with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Whatever your need, Wax Strip Heaven can supply. They offer strips in firm, soft, strong, pliable, thick and thin. The strips come in rolls, pre cut, sizes and quantities that you need.

Sample your strips in Non Woven, Silky Spun Laec, Enhanced and Diamond Weave.

What ever your needs, Wax Stipe Heaven will customize to you.


Try it for yourself today!


If you have been looking for the perfect mix of perfume, check out Dewamore Pink Floral.

The first scent will have you noticing agrums and peony. Its mixed in with rose, patchouli and sandalwood for a combination that’s not too sweet or too woody.

This quality Eau de Parfum is the scent of 2016, light and fresh while still exotic.

A bottle of Pink Floral would normally run about $99, but now you can try it for free!

Sign up with your name and address to have a sample sent to you.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Get Dewamore Pink Floral while supplies last!

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