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Teaching your little one to swim can be so much fun! But when they haven’t quite mastered the art of potty training it could also be a hassle.

Regular diapers quickly get weighed down and explode with saturation. They are heavy and don’t add much to the swimming experience.

Little Swimmers from Huggies are perfect because they prevent those embarrassing accidents without the bulk of a diaper. Just slip them on and off like underwear.

Try a sample for free from Huggies today! Just sign up with your Huggies Club account and indicate that you want to try the Little Swimmers.

Stay tuned for other great deals and offers with your account!


Toilet training is a challenge but it doesn’t have to be something you dread!

Make your life a little easier on you and your trainee with Huggies Pull-Ups.

These transitional pants look like real underwear and help your toddler learn the art of pulling up and down for themselves. But they also offer the security you need when they are learning the difference between wet and dry.

With designs from Disney’s Cars and a few favorite princesses, potty time can be fun!

Try a sample for your own little ones. Just fill in a few details and they’ll be on the way.

Check out other free support as well with the training guide, skills chart and certificate of accomplishment.

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