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If you have a problem with incontinence there’s no longer a need to worry. My Comfort gives you the assurance you need to live the life you want.

My Comfort has a product line for all your incontinence needs to protect and give the comfort you deserve. From briefs, liners, pads, pull ups, wipes and under pads; this selection range is there to fit any situation.

You can get a sample to see how they work before buying. Just fill in your details and select which product and size you’d like to try for free!

Don’t wait! The confidence you need to live your extraordinary life is there with My Comfort!


phone wipes

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days?

We are on our phones constantly and with all that tapping and sliding they can get pretty grimy by the end of the day. Not only do we see and feel the dirt on our screens but we’re in constant contact with those invisible germs as well.

Have you ever tried to clean your screen with a wet paper towel and just watched it get smeared with tiny fibers? The solution? Phone Net Wipes. Everyone can appreciate a clean phone screen!

Register by February 15th and you can request a pack of free Phone Net wipes. The product is free and you get to keep the wipes just by giving your feedback.

Another benefit that comes with your registration is that you are approved to try out other new products that are offered each week.

Sorry, this offer is expired

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