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Setting resolutions is easy enough. Just come up with a few of your basic goals and attach it to your life, right? Lose weight, eat less sugar, go to the gym, get organized, spend less, etc.

But when it comes to actually fulfilling those ‘resolutions’ is when it gets tough and 88% of people fail to keep them. Most people don’t make it through March before giving up.

That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless! Here are some tips for keeping your goals.

  • Only set one at a time.
  • Plan your goals ahead of time, not New Years night.
  • Don’t try the same goal you’ve failed at before without changing your plan.
  • Break up your goal into mini goals
  • Tell your family and friends to keep you accountable.
  • Write it down.
  • Give yourself rewards for small accomplishments.
  • Remind yourself of the rewards.
  • Keep visual reminders to inspire you.

Here are a few printables to help inspire your goals. Fram them, hang them somewhere you’ll see them all the time and keep going!

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